deMystifying deviousDiv

The moniker ‘deviousDiv’ was unfairly bestowed upon me by a teacher. I held on to it for it lovely alliteration, and the idea that I am a far more interesting personna than I actually am.

My whole life has been in the nerdy pursuit of meaning, of knowledge and wisdom. This has of course left me confused, distraught and overwhelmed with a gamut of information that I don’t quite know where I got from. I have drilled through page after page of religion, science, philosophy, sociology, literature and other sanguine baffle to find meaning and wisdom.

The real wisdom I’ve eked out is an appreciation for libraries, a broadband internet, and a healthy dose of cynicism.

I suppose if I was a philosopher, I might tell you that all things in this world are equal in merit. I could ramble with references, on how everything is matter. A pseudo-physicist reader might jump right in to prove this to you: that all solid objects are merely elegant protuberances from the galactic goop. My ten fingers, a non-stick skillet, a 2006 Subaru R1, and my Insane Bosses are all the same hunk of matter. But lets face it… we all know that’s complete nonsense.

My ten fingers play a very important part in my life story, while the insane bosses don’t.

In my world, what gives things tactile, physical and observable distinction is a story. It dwells like a whisper at the core of everything. deviousDiv is not her shirt, her education, or her job. What defines me is my story; its what makes me real.

Which is why writing is vital, and my ten fingers so important. Because if I am not a writer, and a storyteller, then I stop existing. What I do, what I hope to do, and what I better do, is to describe the world around me, and share my thoughts with clarity, so my world stops falling apart around my ankles, and stops to listen.

My Bio? I am a grand elaborateur, an observer of life, and a purveyor of cheap wisdom. I am one of the loud ones, that dreams of lulling the world into sticking around.

I am deviousDiv, and this is my DYSfunctional Wisdom.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Caustic Yoda says:

    Hi Devious Div, why must you make it mandatory to supply email IDs to post comments?

    Superhero/ Mysteryman

    1. deviousdiv says:

      Its a wordpress thing. And I had an incident where one commenter got nasty and told another commenter to ‘take a long walk off a short pier’ after calling her nasty things. So this silly feature soothes my paranoia.

      By the way, I’ve set this to recognise you so you can post with the email provided. Alternatively, you can also post via your blogger account.


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